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Original figurative drawings and oil paintings.

I have always been fascinated with figurative painting. It has been said that the human figure presents the ultimate challenge to the artist. As an artist I have generated a large volume of work over the years. Every new painting is a challenge to learn from. This site contains a small fraction of my work but represents my current trends. Please enjoy them and contact me if you have any questions.

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A collection of new work.

Original Figurative Art

Original art lends a unique quality to any decor.

Figurative art adds impact to your decor. It can present a whimsical, modern, or romantic touch to your environment. Please enjoy viewing my collections.

My Works

The Works of Gary Leonard

The importance of original art in your home.

A home’s interior design is defined by it details. Original art transforms any living environment. Art can set the tone and feeling of any room. Including art in your home allows you to make it your own. Lending a warmth and richness that is immediately apparent when entering a room. It can coordinate with accent colors of your home, creating a warm unique touch. Art can compliment a decor or be a center piece that draws you into the room. I strive to create figurative art that speaks to you and enhances your decor.

About Me